BEAUTIFUL Clean up on aisle 46 hat

Clean up on aisle 46 hat


Custom baseball cap with logos, graphics, and many more. There is no design limitation with all over printing techniques. A personalized hat will be your new go-to item, it makes for everyday comfort and style. Our ultra-durable custom printed baseball cap performs well in hot, cold, rain, snow…in any weather.

  • Custom hat with a logo, flag designs will be an awesome gift for Father’s Day, Independence Day…
  • The custom hat is designed with an adjustable slider on the back for a custom fit and a soft sweatband inside for extra comfort, so it is perfect for both women and men.
  • Polyester fabric is lightweight and excellent for printing, the color is vibrant and bright.
  • The inner fabric are added to keep the cap in shape, look tough and clean for all day long.
  • Our custom hat is tough and shipped properly, so it can maintain the perfect shape of the hat at all times.

Clean up on aisle 46 hat

Groceries are sold in supermarkets. Supermarkets display their goods in aisles. Groceries’ bar codes are scanned at the checkout for pricing and scanned in the aisles for stock checks. His comment “Clean-up on aisle four” is nothing more than a joking reference to being scanned like a supermarket grocety item. The “groceries” comment refers to a grocery store. Clean up on aisle 46 hat. When a customer drops and beaks a bottle of Coke or salad dressing or something, someone on the store’s public address system will say “Clean up on aisle 4” to get an employee over to aisle 4 to clean up the mess. It’s a well-known expression that would be understood by most people. I shall modestly agree with Andygc’s opinion. I suggest that the the crew member was referring to being scanned – presumably this was a regular occurrence for them – and the phrase about cleanup was part of a running joke that involved all or any reference to what goes on in supermarkets.

Clean up on aisle 46 hat

I think “scanning” and “clean up” are two separate things their only connection is that they are related to a grocery store. I grew up with “Clean up on aisle (number)” long before barcodes were even thought of. Clean up on aisle 46 hat. Two jokes for one venue is my opinion. I think it would be insulting mine and Andygc’s intelligence to suggest we weren’t aware of this. At least most people on this side of the pond. We’ve previously cleaned up this expression, using a different aisle. Wow. Thank you everybody. It seems that I was thinking too much. What I thought it might be a sexual joke was embarrassing.

Clean up on aisle 46 hat

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